earlier today i was thinking about the thousands of girls who post videos on youtube reviewing makeup and talking about their fav products and making tutorials and how no girl has ever once done it just to impress men like literally that whole community exists just for girls because it’s something that so many of us enjoy and yet men still think that we wear makeup for them

I love it when women love themselves.
I love it when women are learning to love themselves.
I love it when women inspire other women to love themselves


"men have unrealistic expectations to live up to, too! women will make fun of men with small penises!"

  1. that was a standard invented by men which is based on an incorrect understanding of how female sexuality works
  2. stop shooting yourself in the foot and then blaming women

Bash and Kenna dancing. (✿ ♥‿♥)

Past the point of no return, the final threshold
The bridge is crossed, so stand and watch it burn
We’ve passed the point of no return…




behold, this actual bag of trash.

why do the whites love her???



porn is one of the most insidious industries out there. it hides misogyny and violence against women under a thin veil of sexual “liberation”, and worst of all, it’s totally 100% accessible to anyone on the internet, especially young boys, who are now watching porn as early as 12 (on average). that should scare the shit out of you, and if it doesn’t, you’re not paying attention