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under-cover-nerd asked: On the post of lady gaga doing the ice bucket challenge, you said in the tags that you don't support "this"... Can you tell me what this is? Because the challenge itself is for an amazing cause and it's raising a lot of awareness and money for research for ALS. if that's what "this" is, I don't understand how you can't support it.


I explained this in previous text posts. I support raising awareness from ALS. I don’t support wasting perfectly drinkable water, especially during such a terrible drought. In my opinion there are other silly fun ways to get people’s attention. 

In Santa Cruz, CA people are being limited to 249 gallons for use per day for a family of four. There and other places, people are being forced to pay fines for watering their lawns. Some hotels in Catalina Island are asking visitors to take one minute showers. Food prices are going up. The risk of wildfires is going up. Pumping groundwater (because our surfacewater supply is dwindling) can increase the chances of a major earthquake, which the Los Angeles basin is already overdue for. Fish are having to actually migrate to the ocean because river levels are too low, making it dangerous for them to stay.

And like I said before, I realize people waste water and other resources all the time. But this ALS ice bucket challenge has taken over the world, it’s been the number one trending topic on Twitter for days, and more and more people are participating by the second. As I said, would you burn food or leave your lights on for a month straight to support breast cancer awareness (or another cause, this is just an example)? No, no one would. That’s ridiculous. So of course raising awareness is good for ALS. But it just screams privilege and ignorance about the current state of the world. Don’t dump water on yourselves. If you truly care, just donate. And continue to reduce your water usage in every day life because we’re all going to need something to drink at the end of the day, including all the patients this money will undoubtedly help.

P.S. I don’t know if people understand what this challenge actually is, btw. It started out as “Donate money to ALS research OR you have to dump ice water on yourself within 24 hours.” So choosing the ice water was to get out of donating…. And now all these little teenage fans of celebrities and not-so-bright people are doing the challenge without even acknowledging ALS at all. So you’re wasting water, not raising awareness, and not donating. -____-

Von Follies by Dita Von Teese // Valentine’s Day 2014 (x)